The Vancouver Canadians organization held its annual World Series Parties by inviting Nat Pack and season ticket holders to Nat Bailey Stadium to watch the first two games of the World Series between Kansas City and San Francisco. A big screen TV was set up for folks to watch the game along with the TV monitors inside the stadium that are normally set up to show what’s on the videoboard in center field. As a Nat Pack holder, the missus and I were there for Game 1 in which we saw the Giants run away with a boring 7-1 victory over the Royals. However, the big news from the event was the first unveiling of an artist rendering of what the ballpark will look like next season.

A section of seats called “The Porch” will be installed behind the left field wall along with the addition of more seats down the left field side.

A team official told me a total of 750 seats will be added to the ballpark which will bring the seating capacity to 5,907 supposedly. Sellout crowds over the last few seasons have been announced at 5,157 fans a game so that’s my math for you. See, I showed my work!

The Porch” in left field will be able to seat 200 fans a game. The expansion project is expected to begin shortly to be ready in time for Friday, June 26, 2015 when the Canadians host the defending Northwest league champion Hillsboro Hops in their home opener.

You can check out more details about “The Porch” on


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