Nate Pearson is among 13 C’s pitchers on the Blue Jays Instructional League roster.

C's RecapBaseball America has released the Instructional League roster for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2017.

There are 67 players taking part with 29 of them having ties to the Vancouver Canadians. Of the 29, 25 of them spent time this year in the Pacific Northwest.

Vancouver Canadians Joe DiBenedetto

Lefthander Joe DiBenedetto is on the Blue Jays Instructional League roster.

Out of the 31 pitchers on the roster, 13 of them wore the C’s jersey. Years are noted in parentheses.

  • Travis Bergen (2015-2017)
  • Joe DiBenedetto (2017)
  • Justin Dillon (2017)
  • Colton Laws (2017)
  • Zach Logue (2017)
  • Patrick Murphy (2016)
  • Nate Pearson (2017)
  • Marcus Reyes (2017)
  • Brody Rodning (2017)
  • Donnie Sellers (2017)
  • Matt Shannon (2017)
  • Graham Spraker (2017)
  • Kyle Weatherly (2017)

There are nine catchers who will attending, four of them former Vancouver Canadians.

  • Riley Adams (2017)
  • Javier Hernandez (2016-2017)
  • Matt Morgan (2017)
  • Yorman Rodriguez (2017)


Logan Warmoth is among five C’s infielders heading to Dunedin for instructs.

Five of the 15 infielders taking part include five with Vancouver connections.

  • Kacy Clemens (2017)
  • Cullen Large (2017)
  • Samad Taylor (2017)
  • Logan Warmoth (2017)
  • Christian Williams (2016)

Vancouver Canadians Reggie Pruitt Marcus Reyes

C’s outfielder Reggie Pruitt (left) will be joined by pitcher Marcus Reyes in instructs.

Seven of the 12 outfielders on the roster have passed through YVR.

  • Brock Lundquist (2017)
  • Josh Palacios (2016)
  • Brandon Polizzi (2017)
  • Reggie Pruitt (2017)
  • Freddy Rodriguez (2017)
  • J.B. Woodman (2016)
  • Chavez Young (2017)

To get a better idea of what goes on during instructs, Blue Jays From Away has a good article on it and this little blurb is informative as well.


C's NotesI was surprised to hear about the Blue Jays letting go of manager Rich Miller, the Northwest League manager of the year who led the club to a championship season. I guess winning is not enough sometimes and perhaps it was a case of philosophical differences, I don’t really know.

In the Twitterverse, I’m not the only who was surprised by this development

One memory that jumps out was a ‘Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary’ greeting address to Miller on the video scoreboard in center field and I remember him tipping his cap towards the press box area in appreciation for the well wishes.

I only spoke to him once during Media Day but he was very cordial and his enthusiasm for the game of baseball was pretty evident. I wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

The Vancouver Whitecaps paid tribute to the Northwest League champions.

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