C’s Recap – Ring Day


The 2017 ring of the Northwest League champion Vancouver Canadians. (Image courtesy of CanadiansBaseball.com)

C's RecapThe 2017 Vancouver Canadians got to relive the joy of winning the Northwest League championship all over again this spring. The players were presented with their championship rings late last month in Dunedin as part of a ring ceremony that also honoured the Florida State League co-champion Dunedin Blue Jays. Six members of the 2017 C’s did see some time in Dunedin in righthanders William Ouellette, Bobby Eveld and Jared Carkuff, infielders Deiferson Barreto and Kevin Vicuna and catcher Owen Spiwak.

A number of players took to social media to show off their championship bling.

Wilfri Aleton


Matt Shannon


Graham Spraker


Donnie Sellers


Kevin Vicuna


Juan Nunez



Reggie Pruitt


Chavez Young


Matt Morgan


Brandon Polizzi


Nate Pearson


Brayden Bouchey


Samad Taylor


2015 Vancouver Canadians first baseman Connor Panas was a member of the 2017 FSL co-champion Dunedin Blue Jays.



2015 C’s pitcher Tayler Saucedo also earned himself a ring with Dunedin.


Congratulations again to the 2017 champion Vancouver Canadians.

The Dunedin Blue Jays 45 former Vancouver Canadians on its 2017 championship roster. Seasons spent in Vancouver are in parentheses. The breakdown was 20 position players and 25 pitchers.

Position Players 

Christian Lopes (2012)
Andrew Guillotte (2015)
Connor Panas (2015)
Max Pentecost (2014)
Juan Kelly (2015)
Dalton Pompey (2012)
D.J. Davis (2012)
Lane Thomas (2015)
Andres Sotillo (2015)
Michael De La Cruz (2014)
Cavan Biggio (2016)
Nash Knight (2015)
Deiferson Barreto (2016-2017)
J.C. Cardenas (2015)
Kevin Vicuna (2017)
Jon Berti (2011)
Carl Wise (2015)
Ryan Hissey (2015)
Mike Reeves (2013-2014)
Owen Spiwak (2015)


Conor Fisk (2015)
Ryan Borucki (2014-2015)
Josh DeGraaf (2015)
Angel Perdomo (2015)
T.J. Zeuch (2016)
Tayler Saucedo (2015)
Ryan Cook (2015)
Tom Robson (2013, 2015)
Zach Jackson (2016)
Jackson McClelland (2015-2016)
Daniel Young (2015)
Alonzo Gonzalez (2013)
Jared Carkuff (2016-2017)
Dan Lietz (2014-2016)
Andrew Case (2014-2015)
Justin Shafer (2014)
Patrick Murphy (2016)
Nick Hartman (2016)
William Ouellette (2017)
Denis Diaz (2016)
Geno Encina (2016)
Aaron Sanchez (2011)
Taylor Cole (2012)
Jon Wandling (2014-2015)
Bobby Eveld (2017)

Congratulations to the co-champion Dunedin Blue Jays.

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